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Chaîne Research is a non-profit org that develops software for climate action. It's a ‘tech for good’ initiative which participates in IT Challenges, Hackathons, and a global community of activists fighting climate change.

Chaîne Research



Chaîne Research develops solutions for data management within Web3 infrastructure. These apps are implemented as a working PoC.

Chaîne – A Blockchain for Climate Action

The Paris Climate Agreement was a momentous accomplish-ment, uniting all the world's nations in an effort to tackle climate change. We've proposed a technical project to unite the reporting of all the nations.

Climate Data Pool

ClimateDataPool intends to unite the reporting of the Paris Climate Accord nations on a blockchain. We've built a layered solution that will decentralize the data storage and streamline data sharing.
See the demo site.

UN Information Extraction and Knowledge Elicitation

"Ontology-based information extraction from UNGA Resolutions" enhances unstructured content (e.g. text, images...) with semantic annotations.

A Lens on Climate Policy

PoliGrok is a tool to analyze a collection of policy documents. Built by a team of 4 hackers, it digs into the full text and helps researchers find better answers to their questions.

Streaming Data Asset for Ocean Market

Streaming Data Asset is an extension for Ocean Market which handles realtime data listings. A datastream can be procured via time-based subscriptions.

Curious about technical details?

Chaîne Research maintains a running blog plus sub-blogs for specific projects. See:

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