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Climate Data Pool

Use Case

The Paris Climate Accord was a momentous accomplishment, uniting all the world's nations in an effort to tackle climate change. ClimateDataPool intends to unite the reporting of the nations on a blockchain. We're building a layered solution that will decentralize the data storage and streamline data sharing.

User Stories

The demo is a walkthrough of two user stories in our Github wiki: Sam the civil servant, based in Singapore, and Reilly the researcher, who could be anywhere.


The demo pages are supplemented by commands in a terminal:


For the PoC we’ve setup Fleek Storage and written scripts to access it from the command line. On the frontend, we’ve mocked-up webpages for managing, viewing, and downloading climate data documents.

As the next step, with the help of a full-stack engineer, we intend to develop and animate the end-to-end workflow, including a middleware component that enables the provisioning of files to the frontend. Our goal is to build something that’s web-platform (web2/web3) agnostic to foster the transition to web3.

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